Empowering students & educators to succeed.

Spark is an education company that exists to empower educators and students, local or abroad, to take control of their education. We do this by connecting communities and schools, delighting teachers and students through great ed-tech software, and instilling confidence through innovative tools and resources that bring the classroom to you.

Our values

Fun & Enjoyment
We want our products to reflect our desire to have fun and enjoy ourselves during the process of providing ed-tech software. This means we sweat the details and make sure we are always on mission.
Safety & Security
Everything we build and operate have the safety of our students and their data in mind. We never share data, and we use top-of-the-line encryption.
Always learning
We are dedicated to building a next-generation set of tools for schools. This means we must always be learning and building for the future.
We believe God wants us to create a world-class set of software to spur on innovative schools in our communities.
We exist to bolster and bring-together our communities.

Our team

  • Joseph Jung

    CEO, CTO, Chief Cowboy Man

  • Eric Jung

    Chief Operating Operator

  • Larissa Green

    Chief Product Wizard

  • Dalena Wallace

    Marketing & Communication Guru

  • Devan Dellenbach

    Super Success Girl

  • Clay Draper

    The Engineer's Engineer

  • Josiah Dodson

    Marketing & Sales Savant