Sparkyour student's motivation with...


Activate your student's enthusiasm for learning.

  • Short term rewards build good habits
  • Long term rewards build work ethic
  • Positive reinforcement at your fingertips

Incentivize your student with...

  • Individualized tasks and goals to earn points
  • Personalized rewards that motivate your child
  • Built-in reward tracker. Set it and forget it!
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Extrinsic rewards can encourage your student to...

  • Try something new
  • Develop interest in an unfamiliar activity
  • Continue with an activity due to positive feedback for a worthy performance
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In the past, I have tried marble jars, sticker charts and a variety of other positive reinforcement techniques, but they all fizzled out and were difficult to maintain because they were dependent on me reinforcing immediately which wasn't always convenient when you are in the middle of dishes or feeding a toddler. Now, I can set my rewards at the beginning of the school year and tailor them to the interest of my children and Spark keeps track of it all! This has set me and my children up for success.

Devan Dellenbach
homeschool mom & Spark user

"In the ten years I've been homeschooling, I've avoided rewards. I just haven't had the energy to start or maintain a reward program. However, using Spark has made me love rewards! I can create any reward I want, and since my kids can give suggestions, they're even more invested. They're learning to work hard and save up for something they really want. I love it!"

Larissa Green
homeschool mom & Spark user